The launch of the Star Team EVO represents a milestone in sport shooting cartridges. The meticulous selection in its components including 5% in antimony results in an extremely regular performance at the range where its hardness is shown up at smashing targets. Despite its high velocity the Star Team EVO is a very soft cartridge. Designed with the cooperation of some of the best shooters in the world, a successful track record has made it a favourite in the shooting ranges.

RIO Royal Pigeon flyers solutions for short and long distances offer shooters superior quality and performance from their loads. RIO Royal Pigeon delivers the excellence required to run 30 straight. Available in #7.5 and #8 and velocities of 400 and 405 mps you can always rely on RIO’s Royal Pigeon.


The RIO Top Target line, available in 12 ga, provides a touch of softness, balance and quality to the traditional reliability related to RIO cartridges. Some attributes that together with its improved capacity to break the target, make that every shoot became successful. Loaded with different configurations, there is a Top Target that fits each shooting specialty.

These products bring unsurpassed performance to the competition range. Combining their own clean burning single-based powder with the perfectly matched wad and primer means excellent velocities, moderate pressures and smooth recoil. You will consistently get dense and compact shot patterns for optimal target breaks whether your discipline is skeet, trap or sporting clays.


RIO offers two solutions to its international shooters in their standard line: Target Load available in both 12ga and 20ga and Winner which is available in 12 ga. Shooters will notice that when using these products the clay target will smash into bigger pieces.

Small Gauges

Achieve great things with small gauges. Ballistic superiority and box-to-box consistency is what you’ll find with RIO Small Gauge Target Loads. Offerings in 7.5, 8, or 9 shot in 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 break clay targets with sledgehammer authority. When you are shooting to win, you need a shell you can count on. Shoot your way to the winners' podium with RIO Small Gauge Target Loads.